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Titan Security Solutions is a veteran owned, full service private investigation firm that concentrates on providing the best investigative services and the maximum benefits for our clients. Our clients are service self-insured corporations, third party administrators, traditional insurance carriers that span the automobile, commercial and worker's compensation casualty industry, law firms and even the general public.

At Titan we understand risk. We know that our work directly impacts the key performance indicators that are used to judge you and your performance. When you are placing your trust in a third party to work on your claims and you face the potential downside if that vendor is not able to match your level of experience and understanding of your work, you want to know that we have your back. Titan exists to make you look great.

A proactive approach is taken to ensure that we hire professionals in all facets of the company. Our investigators are not just surveillance operatives starting their first job in the industry. At Titan, our diverse team consists of former police officers, military veterans and even former insurance adjusters.

Titan's focus is to provide the best customer service in the industry, hands down. Our professional investigators are ready to get you the information you need. Call us today for a free consultation.